5 Opera Extensions to Browse Like a Guru


Selecting what type of browser to use isn’t hard if you know what makes them stand out. Let’s talk about the fast and feature-packed Opera, well-known among the tech-savvy folks.

Features such as tabbed browsing (lets you preview the page upon hovering over the tab), a search bar that supports Google and other popular engines, mouse gesture support, drag and drop abilities, advanced bookmarking tools, and keyboard shortcuts make Opera look quite lucrative.

But the browser’s potential for smooth surfing is limitless, and you can easily enhance it by trying out the extensions that we have complied below.

1. FastestTube


This one will add a simple drop-down menu below any YouTube videos that will enable you to download them in any type of format, no fuss attached. FastestTube might just be the best YouTube downloader invented.

Get FastestTube | Free

2. Mini Wolfram Alpha

wolfram alpha

This nifty tool will let you get information without having to visit the website. Mini Wolfram Alpha is definitely going to save you some of that precious time!

Get Mini Wolfram Alpha | Free

3. FaceChat


FaceChat is a Facebook chat extension that will let you chat it up with your Facebook friends in-browser. You just have to login and then you can begin chatting without ever opening Facebook.

Get FaceChat | Free

4. Opera Configurator

opera settings

This extension will give you the complete control over your Opera settings with just a click of a mouse. Opera Configurator will easily get all of your Opera options in one place for ease of customization and access.

Get Opera Configurator | Free

5. Google Images Direct

google direct images

When it comes to searching for images with Google, you don’t actually have the option to go straight to the image source. With Google Images Direct extension, you will be able to bypass Google’s landing page. Simply click on a Google image link, and you will go straight to a full-sized version of the image.

Get Google Images Direct | Free

As you can see, Opera is a great web browser that can go even further with all the awesome extensions out there. So get on surfing!

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