7 Firefox Add-ons for Guru’s Better Browsing


Are you starting to get worried about the slow browsing speed in Firefox? If you are, then now is the time to forget your worries because there are plenty of add-ons that are available for free and new ones are created all the time. When the add-on stops working, you won’t have any issues finding an alternative. So don’t get confused and get ready to select the best one from the already existing add-ons. You will have a hard job of selecting which one will increase your daily browsing.

1. Tile Tabs

firefox tiletabs addon

Tile Tabs is much more than just eye candy. This is a strong add-on that will let you work with various sites at once by showing your opened tabs in a grid where you can resize and recognize them easily. Tile Tabs will give you various options that are illustrated in detail on the add-on’s site. Tile Tabs is a great tool for you, if you happen to be into multitasking.

Get Tile Tabs | Free

2. Lazarus

firefox addon lazarus

Sometimes it can happen, that moment when you just complete a form or do some work in WordPress, and then you lose it because the PC froze, the power went out, or the browser crashed, and then you have the worst frustration in the world.

Now you have the chance to use Lazarus, a recovery add-on that will keep this from happening. It keeps everything that you type into boxes and forms in an encrypted database.

Get Lazarus | Free

3. Private Tab

firefox addon private

This is a useful add-on that will be great for those who don’t want to use private browsing all the time and want to keep just a few things secret. Private Tab will let you open any of your tabs privately and make private bookmarks as saved links which will then open in a private tab.

Get Private Tab | Free

4. Stylish

addon firefox stylish

Want to change how a website looks? With Stylish add-on you can do just that. You can apply cascading style sheet (CSS) rules to sites which will load in your browser, then change photos, fonts, colors, and even positioning. Stylish will give you the ability to apply skins to sites, and you can even write your own skins and select from all sorts of styles for free.

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5. NoScript

firefox addon noscript

This is a powerful add-on that will stop cross-scripting attacks, provide java blocking, Flash, clickjacking and more on sites that you don’t trust. NoScript will give you an opt-out feature DoNotTrack as well as many other tweaks to your browser’s security.

Get NoScript | Free

6. Resurrect Pages

firefox addon ressurect pages

Resurrect Pages lets you find mirrored or cached versions of sites that you will be able to see even when they’re not accessible. An error message will be displayed for the pages unavailable from the current cache.

Get Resurrect Pages | Free

7. DownThemAll

firefox addon downthemall

DownThemAll is a very popular and simple-to-use add-on. It acts like a download manager as well as an accelerator. It will help you download files from anywhere and resume and pause any download in your queue.

Get DownThemAll | Free

[Featured image credit: “Lego Firefox” by Johnathan Nightingale, used under CC BY-SA / Color filters added, scaled]

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