Become a Chrome Guru with These 4 Extensions


When it comes to browsing speed, Chrome is known for being the fastest, but some have an issue with even the fastest being not enough. Although fast, Chrome can also take up a lot of memory, and that could ultimately slow the browsing experience for lower quality devices. Luckily, there are extensions available that will assist in overcoming this obstacle and speed Chrome up even more.

The following extensions will help with page load time and faster navigation too. These days, there are extensions for just about everything other than printing legal currency. The following is a list of four Chrome extensions to get you browsing like a guru.

Note: If you want, many Chrome extensions can be used in the Opera browser as well.

Web Boost

web boost

When you are trying to load pages faster, Web Boost is a great extension to throw into the mix. It has a simple algorithm that focuses on load time. It stores specialized website building blocks right on your PC that many popular websites use, so when you have Web Boost activated, these building blocks will not need to be downloaded again, saving precious time.

Web Boost claims their extension alone can increase the page load time up to three times. When testing, a site that took an average of 2 seconds to load without Web Boost, loaded in 1.23 seconds with it.

Page load time is not its only specialty, as it also blocks spy services and ads, which helps eliminate the annoying things and improves the load time as well. The extension is open-source, so there’s no need to worry about privacy issues.

Note: although no issues were found during testing, if you find that a page suddenly stops loading, try disabling Web Boost and loading again.

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better Browser

better browser

better Browser helps improve Chrome’s already great browsing experience by adding some features. While it doesn’t increase the browsing speed to the speed of light, it can speed things up a little. Features that it adds include auto loading the next page, auto scrolling, floating search panels, a “back to the top” button, and also an X button within the search bar to quickly remove keywords or favicons.

These tasks and features aid in speeding up the browser and providing some shortcuts that allow you to save milliseconds here and there. The auto-scroll feature, however, only works with Google search.

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The Great Suspender

great suspender

When your PC is slow to start with and you have multiple tabs open within Chrome, you are likely not having the fastest experience. The Great Suspender helps by simply suspending the inactive tabs. Many times tabs will be opened for a certain reason, and then remain active while not used anymore.

The purpose of The Great Suspender is to automatically eliminate these inactive tabs in order to free up some memory on the PC. However, it’s not closing them for good, so you’re able to go back and click on the tab, or you can customize it to click around the middle to simply reload it. It also allows you to suspend tabs manually, or suspend multiple tabs with just a couple of clicks.

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search preview

SearchPreview is a useful, yet simple extension that provides the user a preview of a web page within search results using a thumbnail image. This can be useful, as it allows you to see what the site looks like prior to clicking and loading the page, and some people can remember visual images better than site names. It allows you to browse the searches for what you need quicker, and it supports Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and Google, naturally.

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The verdict

With things the way they are today, everyone needs to make more time and get things done as quickly as possible, and browsing is no exception. If we can increase the page load time to one second, we don’t want to wait two-three seconds. If a task can be done with one click, people don’t want to click multiple times. The extensions in this list can be used daily to help increase page load time within Chrome or Opera. The difference may not be huge, but it adds up and may save you up to several hours a month, which is quite a good deal, if you think about it.

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