Guru’s Ways to Find Envelope Stuffing Jobs


Although envelope stuffing has been around for a while, most people have not heard of it or consider it to be a scam. However, if you are looking to become financially independent or want to work from home, then this is a great way to get started.

To make this opportunity even better, it does not require education or experience qualifications. As long as you are willing to put in the work, anyone can do it. It’s great for students, housewives, even people who are retired or have a physical handicap.

Although, prior to diving in, you should know what exactly this is and how to find the right jobs.

Envelope stuffing: what is it?

How to find envelope stuffing job

These types of jobs were first introduced around the 1950s to mothers or housewives searching for ways to bring in extra money for the household. Generally, you start out by sending a company a small amount, such as $10, for the processing fees. The company will then send you postage stamps, envelopes, and the contents for you to stuff and send out.

The company will also provide a list of the addresses that you will be sending the envelopes to, although these days they are usually pre-printed on the envelopes themselves. That leaves you to stuff in the required contents, place the stamp, and mail it out.

It is a commission-based kind of work. You get paid when the company gets a reply from a delivered envelope. So the more people respond to the contents, the more you make.

Detailed research

What is envelope stuffing

The largest obstacle in envelope stuffing is finding jobs that are real and not scams. When you start looking, you will notice that offers come out of every crack of the internet, almost like they are hiding behind each word or letter on the page. A large percentage of these offers are scams trying to cheat you in some way. Searching for the real deal takes a little research, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Start by going to the website of the possible employer and look up all the details you can from their site. Do they have a phone number? Prior to filling out the forms or sending a processing fee, you should call and talk to them over the phone. If the site does not provide a phone number, move on − it’s likely a scam. If a company advertises that they “pay out high amounts” or “pay more than any other”, just keep moving as there is a high chance of it being another fraud.

If you have found a company that doesn’t scream “high pay for envelope stuffing,” and they provide a phone number, the next step is to do a background check on them. Begin by doing an online search to find out if they have any complaints, if so, of what kind? Should you discover that there are many negative reviews, avoid the site.

How much is the pay?

Envelope stuffing job pay

Once you find the company and have made it through the previous steps, you can begin asking about how much they can pay. After all, that’s the whole point.

Start by reading the terms and conditions section carefully. Does it say you’re paid each day, week, or is it monthly? Which forms of payment do they offer: is it a direct deposit only or is there a PayPal option? These are the things you will need to know. Another good question to ask is whether the job is available all year long or just at certain times.

Is it a scam or not?

Envelope stuffing job scam

Don’t forget to learn what the job description is. This is where you find out what the company is going to expect from you, so the details are important. If the employer seems hesitant to provide them at this point, you are being scammed. A genuine company will want you to fully understand the requirements.

As was already said earlier, there are real jobs out there, but envelope stuffing scams are a big issue. The truth is, due to the technology advancement, there are even less genuine envelope stuffing jobs available now than in the past. If working from home is your ultimate goal, there are other options available with less risk of getting scammed: affiliate marketing, blogging, and freelance writing (just to name a few).

We recommend you to be very careful and hope this article has been helpful. Feel free to leave your opinion about envelope stuffing jobs in the comments below and check out other articles like playing poker for money or earning with Boss Capital to find out more!

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