OK, Guru, How Do I Install Windows Applications With Ninite?


Getting yourself a new laptop or computer is a joy. Unboxing your system, setting it up, pressing the power button for the first time, waiting as the circle spins and the operating system starts. The whole process is exciting and immensely satisfying if you are into computers as much as we are. But then life gets difficult.

New computers always come with a lot of crap and useless pre-installed applications, but hardly any of that would be of any use to you. Even if you spend 30 minutes getting rid of all the apps and shareware that you don’t need, you’re still faced with the daunting and extremely monotonous task of installing all the applications that you had on your previous computer. The most obvious and time-consuming way is to make a list and go through it one by one, installing all the applications you need. It’ll take you an hour or two in front of the computer screen, but you’ll get there in the end. Or you could go for the smarter option, and use Ninite!

How it works

ninite screenshot

You know you’ve made the right choice even before you download it. Open up their website and you will see a host of applications categorized by function, with several options to choose from in each category. The Web Browsers category, for example, offers software like Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, and the Media category has more than 10 different software, including VLC. The catalogue also includes some less popular but equally useful software that you might want to check out. The Developers category holds some nifty beginners’ applications like Eclipse IDE and Python, which might interest you if you are a software developer.

Check the boxes beside every program that you wish to install, scroll down to the bottom of the list, and press the big blue Get your Ninite button. And just like that, you’re halfway there!

It’s completely self-reliant

ninite apps

A small installer file, no bigger than 300KBs, will then be downloaded to your system. This installer contains download protocols for all the software you have chosen, and all it requires from you is to double-click and run the program when it finishes downloading. Just let Ninite do all the hard work – go for a jog, call someone up, get some coffee… or lunch, whatever takes your fancy, we aren’t imposing! Based on the number of programs you picked and your internet speed, it could take any amount of time, but you don’t have to stay in front of the computer screen to make it happen (which would have been the alternative had you not gone for Ninite).

Unlike other installers that demand your full attention like a tantrum-throwing child and make you Accept this and Next that, Ninite is pretty easy-going. It doesn’t ask questions, it delivers! So chances are that, by the time you get back, Ninite would have already finished installing your programs of choice. If it hasn’t, it wouldn’t be long before it does. If it has trouble installing any software, it will skip on to the next. Once all the other programs have been installed successfully, you can retry installing the one that failed, and it should get itself sorted all on its own.

Different versions

ninite several pcs

Ninite now comes in a Pro version as well, which is a monthly subscription starting from $20/month and is useful if you run a start-up or a small business. It lets you install a larger catalogue of software on various computers on your network with a single click and also keeps your software updated. It promises faster installation speeds on all your computers as it doesn’t discard the program’s download file after it has been installed on one computer but uses it to install the software on others.

Since Ninite Pro handles updates for all your programs, this means that you don’t get annoying pop-ups from programs reminding you to update to the latest version. The monthly subscription also comes packaged with a variety of other useful features, a concise list of which is available on the website, and is worth looking at if you are a business or an organization that can’t afford to waste time updating each and every computer separately.

The free version or Pro, whatever you go for, Ninite is remarkable in what it does and is an essential download on any new computer. So remember to give it a go and your life will get a lot easier!

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