So, Guru, is Neobux a Real PTC Site?


Because clicking on ads seems to be a strange and unusual method of bringing in money, many have their doubts. If you do not understand the concept, you are likely one of those doubters. Below is some information that will provide you an insight into how profit sharing really works.

Essentially, PTC websites like Neobux are member-based and pay user for viewing and clicking on advertisements, spending roughly 12 seconds to do so. Although, one cannot earn much simply by clicking on ads, so there are additional methods to earning too, such as offers and surveys.

Like with any site, there are pros and cons, like paying on time and $2 payouts as an upside, and slow earnings being a downside. There are plenty of places online that provide “latest updates” and “see my earnings” content, but the truth is, just because it works for some does not mean it will work for everyone. For this reason, you should carefully continue reading to determine if Neobux is the right choice for you.

We have found that the affiliate/referral program available is by far the fastest way to earn and build up your balance, but it can also be the most challenging. It is suggested that you learn more about the affiliate program and rented referrals.

The concept of PTC sites

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Because businesses are constantly looking for new ways to get their name out there and bring in potential customers without large investments, paid-to-click concepts are becoming more popular. The business pays the PTC site to show their ads to users, and in return the PTC site shares a portion of the profits with the users for taking the time to look at the ad.

PTC sites are not going to be a main source of income unless you can get hundreds or thousands of referrals that build your downline. However, it can be a way to pass time and earn a few bucks along the way. That is the concept that keeps Neobux going. They also offer various other methods to earning too, like surveys, tasks, etc.

There are some lucky people who have been able to make a full-time income just by doing surveys, but it’s rare and takes dedication and commitment, and the country they are in has to be rich, as most surveys are geographically targeted.

Why do so many consider it a scam?

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Because there has been an increase of people looking for ways to make extra money, there has been more people running into scams and fraudulent websites, therefore starting out with a bad impression of these type of sites.

There is a good chance that anyone who was interested in making money online ran across Neobux at some point and was a bit confused on how the site works, or considered the pay not to be worth the time and associated it with a scam.

Okay, but is Neobux a scam?

Our opinion is no, but it would depend on who you ask, because there have been positive and negative experiences with different cases. Some may be happy with it, while others are not satisfied with how it works.

By testing the website for a month, just clicking on ads, we received roughly $2 to our balance. This is the minimum payout and we were simply testing the site and the withdrawal process. It only took a short time to receive the payment via Paypal, which a scam site would not have paid out, correct?

Although we don’t consider it a scam, there are downfalls to PTC sites.

Daily earnings

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When you are simply looking at the daily earnings, especially in the beginning, you are going to find Neobux isn’t very entertaining if fast money is your goal. Statistics show that only 10% of users ever reach the $2 minimum payout, while 90% give up.

You may be asking why, and the answer is that an average user may earn just a few cents per day by reviewing ads. Without direct referrals, this is not likely to change. To increase this a little, you can do other tasks and surveys, but they’re not always easy. Provide incorrect information, and you could be suspended.

The referral program and packages

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To help increase earnings, Neobux offers a referral program that is decent, but it’s not always easy to gain referrals, and even more challenging to gain active referrals. Because of the slow process, statistics show only 20% of referrals are active.

Neobux also offers rented referrals, but this always seems to lead to a loss for the buyer. For testing, a rental package was tried out and the results was a waste of money. Direct referrals are the best option.

Neobux’s negative reports

Although Neobux is by far one of the most popular paid-to-click websites out there, they also have thousands of negative complaints too. Some of these complaints include unsatisfied users who purchased rental packages. Obviously, if it is costing more to purchase the package than users will earn in return, people are not going to be satisfied. In this case, many consider it a scam, and we can’t blame them if this is the only area they tested.

We cannot stress how important it is for people to first research these sites, and understand how they work. Below are some facts a quick research provided:

Competitor Attacks

It was found that Neobux was actually attacking a competitor site called Probux. This occurred when Neobux users has their toolbar installed which was used to try and crash Probux. Allegedly, they only crashed the site when users had both sites open in a browser at the same time, but once talk about it was removed from the forums, rumors continued to spread more.

Neobux is not fond of mobiles or tablets

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There have been complaints and reports that users on tablets or other mobile devices had their accounts deleted by Neobux after clicking on ads. If Neobux were to alert users, it would not be an issue. However, the complaints are often that they are deleted after hitting the payout amount.

Rented referrals are not real

Earlier, we talked about the referral rental packages, but let’s go a little deeper into some complaints and rumors. Neobux describes the rented referrals as “users that sign up without sponsors.” Users can purchase rented referrals, allowing them to keep them for a limited amount of time. However, there is no guarantee that you will gain back your investment if you buy them, and they are not guaranteed to be active.

This was actually a feature that was introduced by Neobux for the sole purpose of increasing their own profits. It markets to impulse buyers, and has full control over them, so calling them bots would be reasonable.

Poor support

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There are also reports that state the support is very poor when it comes to responding to members, with many saying they never got a response at all. Neobux have been known to delete accounts without any warning and never explain why. However, it is likely there was some small rule broken at some point, as they have several silly rules, such as not using Neobux on mobile devices. They also state you must click ads daily to receive commissions from referrals, and you cannot share your computer with others.

The verdict

It is not likely that Neobux is going to become a full-time income source, or even a part-time income. It is more likely that Neobux will throw a few extra dollars your way, at least until you figure out how to build a decent downline of referrals.

It is easy to view sites like Neobux as a scam if the concept is not fully understood, especially if your account is suddenly deleted without warning, but in the end, Neobux is a legit site, though with many downsides.

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