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ATC Brokers is a premier brokerage firm providing online trading solutions within the Forex and futures industry to customers worldwide. Read on to find out whether their services are right for you and if you can trust them with your money.

The positives

Not a dealing desk atmosphere

If you do not want a broker that is able to conduct trades against you, then ATC’s Straight-Through Processing (STP) ordering system can be used. The difference is that a dealing desk is controlling the bid ask spread trading for their accounts while being able to sometimes trade against you too. However, the STP model takes your order, and then posts it through directly to the other counterparties. This removes the conflict of interest by cutting out the middle man and can also save you money.

Plugins for advanced orders

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If you are a trader looking to place custom orders with a rapid execution, the Advanced Order plugin within the MetaTrader 4 platform can be used. It allows you to execute orders in a single click while enabling you to create various bracket orders for various strategic executions. You can detach the advance order window as well and place it where you would like within the system for even more customizing.

Trading Station Backtest strategies

ATC provides analytical traders the ability to backtest strategies prior to implementing them. The tools needed all come be default with Trading Station’s software. You can customize the settings and run various simulations to collect results on the performance of your strategies over time.

In-chart trading

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If you spend a bunch of time analyzing stochastics, trends, or other various indicators, then you likely want to avoid navigating to separate windows to place a Forex trade. The ATC in-char trading allows you to set the trade, send the order, and do it directly from the chart window for quick execution.

The negatives

High minimum deposits

When it comes to minimum deposits, ATC’s minimum is $5,000. This is actually the highest minimum deposit of all Forex traders reviewed. This could create a barrier for those wanting to open an ATC account. Although, if you are interested in committing a smaller amount, various Forex brokers have a $500 minimum initial deposit, such as MB Trading, Forex.com, and FXCM.

Educational resources are subpar

ATC trader

ATC does provide videos on using their platforms, but top Forex brokers often go above and beyond to provide tutorials, videos, and information for both the platforms, the basic and advance parts of Forex trading. In this area, ATC falls short due to the videos provided only focusing on their platform, while offering a small amount of educational value on the fundamentals of trading or the market.

No Mac demo

Traders that are using a Mac need to be able to demo the ATC environment, but ATC’s trading station does not currently have this feature available, although the web-based platform is compatible with Mac systems. At this time, the only option Mac users have for demoing the platform is to run a parallel environment, but this could become more of a challenge than a convenience. The following sites offer good web-based demos for Mac users: FXCM and Forex.com.

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