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First hitting the internet in 2008, Spotify made a monumental impact on the music industry with its streaming service and changed how we listen to and download music. It has been remodelled and transformed over the years, but its core objective stays the same – to make music available for everyone. This motto isn’t just a catchphrase to attract clientele, and that’s evident in how Spotify operates. With so many other music services out there, it is the only one that still allows users to stream music for free, along with its paid service. The free service is supported by ads and allows music lovers access to the same database as premium subscribers.

Free streaming does not please everyone

Having revolutionized the music industry in favor of the user, Spotify has been the subject of some controversies as well. Not many people are open to the idea of paying for their music, and Spotify is a remarkable option for them. But many artists don’t feel positively about the service as they feel they aren’t sufficiently compensated for their talent, time, and investment. Taylor Swift, for one, has denied Spotify access to her work and signed exclusive deals with services like Apple Music, that don’t offer a free streaming option.

But, being one of the oldest and most popular streaming services out there, Spotify has racked up a huge catalogue of more than 30 million music tracks, many of which are exclusively available on Spotify. This database is by far the largest and outmatches its rival services.

Social media integration

Spotify has continuously been working to improve its service and make it more user-friendly with UI tweaks and new features being introduced with every significant update. It now also allows you to sync your tracks on all major platforms and share your playlists with friends.

spotify screenshot

With social media being all the hype, Spotify has directed considerable attention towards its connectivity and sharing features. It allows users to link their accounts to social networks like Facebook and Twitter to share what they are listening to, see what their contacts like, and follow the latest news, trends, and music updates.

Winning features

The search section is highly interactive and customizes itself according to your listening patterns to provide recommendations for songs you may like, newly released tracks, and top-music charts. It’s a nifty little feature to enhance your music discovery experience.

In a bid to stay competitive in the presence of rival services, Spotify has integrated podcasts and other features in its website and apps. A dedicated workout feature plays new and energizing tracks continuously while you’re exercising, another streams exclusive music tracks and live radio programs.

To premium or not to premium

The free service, although more limited than the premium, does not ruin your listening experience. An advert follows every couple of tracks, but that’s hardly a nuisance. The service allows you to shuffle your playlists and skip a maximum of 6 songs in an hour. Unless you are a premium subscriber, the music will stream at 160kbps which is a fairly decent quality, but you will only be able to stream it online.

Premium membership offers a much better streaming quality of 320kbps, ad-free listening, infinite skips, and the option to cache your playlists and make them available offline. It doesn’t currently offer lossless streaming like some of its competitors do, but if Spotify’s track record is anything to go by, it may be making that feature available in the near future.

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Should you check it out?

If you’re like us and are not too fixed with lossless quality, Spotify is a great service to subscribe to. Not only because it’s a lot cheaper than others, but also for its gigantic catalogue and availability on almost all platforms. Spotify app comes integrated in TVs and home theatre systems of leading brands like LG, Sony, Samsung, and others, allowing you to comfortably stream your collection. Sony has also added support for Spotify on its PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles, which lets you play your tracks in the background while playing your games.

Partnerships with leading brands continue to add value to the service and play a vital role in attracting customers to Spotify over other rival services. Due to its remarkable quality, unmatched service, and unique features, Spotify has held its ground firmly over the years, and its client base, both for free and paid subscriptions, keeps growing.

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