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If you trade in stock or forex markets and look to expand your platform choices, MB Trading is one of the best options currently available. It’s an Electronic Communications Network (ECN) that operates in the US and enables you to trade in foreign currencies, stocks, futures, and other options through a singular platform.

What is MB Trading?

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MB Trading is both a market maker and an ECN broker based on the type of account you create. You can either opt for a Pay for Limit account or go for one of its commission-free EXN accounts. Unlike the Pay for Limit plan, which charges a forthright commission, the Free EXN accounts take payment in the form of a markup. This is the difference between the lowest current offering price for your investment and the higher price the company actually sells it for.

How it operates

MB Trading allows forex traders to open an account with a nominal 400 USD. This margin conforms to the US-Regulated margin-leverage ratio of 50:1 for all traders. To aid its clients in bypassing unnecessary trouble, MB Trading keeps these leverage rates low, whereas brokers in other countries charge rates as high as 400:1 or more. A fee of $2.50 is charged upfront for trading a full lot, and with tight spreads of 1 pip supported by MB Trading, you can trade micro lots of only 1,000 units.

Reports indicate that MB Trading provides a larger overall profitability rate than its brokers, which doesn’t mean that you will necessarily profit every time, but is an indication that the company runs a legitimate business and will provide fair opportunities for you to profit.

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Hedging is not supported by the company, but it sets no limitations on scalping. For those who aren’t aware of what it is, scalping is a strategy where the trader places many trades a day in hopes to benefit from small price changes rather than large ones.

Learning tools

With MB Trading, you don’t necessarily have to invest to learn. Since 1999 it has operated under the supervision of regulatory agencies within the United States. Therefore, it allows you to open a demo account so you can familiarize yourself with trading platforms and get acquainted with forex disciplines without any risk. It supports all major funding options like credit and debit cards, checks, bank transfers, and ACH Deposits. Withdrawn funds can be sent to you through a direct wire transfer or as a check.

How you can access it

Being an ECN broker, the company allows you to trade on various platforms using desktop software and even Android and iOS apps. Company’s original platform, MBT Desktop, along with a much recent enhanced version, MBT Desktop Pro, is designed for and available on Windows. The latest update comes with more efficient charting tools and a newly added scanner that makes it simpler for you to identify patterns fitting your criteria. Other popular platforms include MBT Web, MetaTrader, and MBT LightWave (enables you to trade in stock, forex, and futures, all from a unified platform).

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A broker is only as good as the support they provide, and MBT Trading is highly responsive. The live help desk is always open and support is provided via email, telephone, or online chat. The company also gives you access to training videos, product tutorials, webinars, academic resources, and the latest stock market news and information.

In conclusion

If you are a high volume trader, MB Trading is the broker for you. It has low commissions, provides great incentives for limit orders, and supports tight spreads. These are invaluable features once you’ve gained some experience and become an active trader, or if you already are one. MB Trading has residency requirements and won’t provide its services for a number of countries. But if you do have an account with them, the company is fully regulated in the United Sates. It’s fair, transparent, and will work to provide you with opportunities to profit.

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