How Guru Uses Webcam to Record Videos and Take Photos on Any Platform


It does not matter if you’ve got an internal or external webcam for your PC, you can still use applications to record videos and snap pictures easily. To make it even better, it’s a feature that is built into almost all the OS and does not usually require the use of third-party software.

How to record video and take photos with webcam on Windows

Capture video with webcam on Windows

Windows 10 comes with a Camera app that is used for this purpose. Hit the Windows key to open up the start menu and search for “Camera.” Once you find it, just launch the app. It lets you capture video and pictures, and your media will be saved to Camera Roll, within your Pictures folder.

Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 come with a Camera application pre-installed as well. You can easily repeat the steps for Windows 10.

Getting back to Windows 7, however, the Camera feature is not available, and you must find a third-party software. However, if you search through your Start Menu, you may come across some type of webcam utility. There’s a chance this has an option for capturing media without the need of anything additional being installed.

Try searching “Camera” or “Webcam” in the Start Menu and see if you find it.

How to capture screenshots and videos with webcam on Mac OS X

Capture video with webcam on Mac

On this operating system, you can use the app called Photo Booth to take your screenshots. You can open it by pressing Command and Space and searching “Photo Booth.” Once located, hit enter to launch it.

You can choose to capture a single image, a video, or a grid of four, by using the icons in the lower left corner. Then you just have to click the red button to get started (it’s located in the center of the window). By using effects, you can add different filters to the video and pictures.

The photos are then saved in the Photo Booth Library. If you are looking to export them, you can do this by right-clicking (or holding command and clicking on the media file in the application window) and choosing where to save them.

How to capture video and take screenshots with webcam on Chrome OS

Capture video with webcam on Chromebook

If you are using a Chromebook, you may have found by now that the Camera application is pre-installed here as well. Simply open the app launcher, and search for “Camera” to locate the app. However, if you don’t find it, you can also install it directly from the Chrome Web Store.

It offers picture capture like other operating systems as well as the effects gallery. However, there is no video recording. There are third-party apps on the Chrome Web Store available for that.

Your photos will be saved in the Camera application, but you can navigate to the gallery by clicking the button in the lower right corner. From here you can save the pictures to Google Drive or your Chromebook’s local storage area.

Thanks to these simple tips, you can now snap screenshots and capture videos with your webcam whenever you want. And should you feel like you want more freedom and options when it comes to media capture, consider third-party software as it often has various features to further customize the process.

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