10 Ways to Stream TV Like a Guru


The digital age has created a new era in which incredibly vast amounts of content are available at one’s fingertips. Despite the ever-increasing quality offered by traditional TV screens (ultra 4K is the new standard), film buffs still prefer the portability and flexibility provided by laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Gone are the days when viewers needed a cable box to enjoy movies, and, with the growing availability of TV and streaming options, consumers are no longer confined to the couch to view their favorite programs. To help you navigate this huge field of streaming content, we’ve compiled a list of top websites for streaming TV on-demand.

These sites are not only trustworthy, but will also provide access to huge libraries of free and quality content. Choosing a quality provider when streaming should be prioritized, however finding the right one is not always a simple task. The web can be a veritable minefield of viruses, scams, or even stolen credentials for users who don’t know what to look for. To ease your burden, the following is a list of reputable and dependable sites from which you can stream.

Almost every site we’ve chosen is free, but some may require registration. With sites offering paid subscriptions, a free trial is generally offered and is an excellent way to preview the service before committing. Most of the listed sites are unavailable on platforms such as iOS or Android.

Websites are ranked according to relevance and reliability. Most are free indefinitely, however some do require a subscription after the free trial. Check out our picks and get streaming!

1. FOX

tv stream fox

FOX is a popular US-based network that streams many of their programs online. At the top of our list for its safety and quality of content, FOX shouldn’t be overlooked. The network broadcasts a huge variety of popular shows, and most are available online, generally for free. Content can be viewed by visiting the website and selecting the tab Full Episodes. You will need to register before streaming. The website features simple and user-friendly design, with content separated into different categories.

2. ABC

tv stream abc

In class with FOX is ABC network, a well-known company offering original programming both online and on cable. The site exhibits a clean and elegant design and features shows being aired on the network. Streaming is very simple. Just select a thumbnail of the show you want to stream and enjoy watching! You can stream live TV as well. No registration is necessary to watch.

3. tubitv

tv stream tubitv

The search for legitimate streaming portals acquainted us with tubitv. While researching the site, we learned that it’s only a recent addition to the net, but its newbie status is no reason to ignore it. Tubitv endeavors to provide viewers with the best in free streaming content. Their commitment is evident in the marketing of their official iOS and Android applications.

There’s a wide variety of content to choose from, but the most interesting must be the competitively named “Not on Netflix” category. The website is impressive in both design and function. Users can stream movies and TV for free, with premium membership also available.

4. Popcorn Time

tv stream popcorntime

Popcorn Time is an app developed to be used on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. The application will need to be installed before viewing content, and users should be aware that most of it has been pirated. Popcorn Time utilizes torrents to retrieve data, so be aware of the risks involved.

That being said, available content is unmatched in both quantity and variety. With distinguished portability, Popcorn Time is available through different platforms including iOS, Linux, Android, Mac, and Windows.

5. YouTube

tv stream youtube

As perhaps the most well-known source for video sharing, YouTube needs no introduction. However, you may not know of its status as a provider of full-length movies and TV shows. When you find yourself searching for content, don’t skip YouTube. Though recently aired shows are difficult to find, past episodes are abundantly available.

6. Hulu

tv stream hulu

Hulu already enjoys popularity as a dependable streaming service. Especially impressive is the tendency of shows to become available in 24 hours after airing. This availability makes it a prime choice for viewers looking to keep up with their favorite shows. Hulu offers both premium and free plans. Premium subscribers will enjoy the flexibility of streaming from all devices, including Roku and SmartTV. Other users will be able to stream only from a laptop or PC. Hulu is currently only available to viewers in Japan and the US, with other areas being blocked by IP filters.

7. Crackle

tv streaming crackle

Crackle is another popular service which provides users with free access to movies and TV. Registration is not required, but it might be preferable to those looking for a more personalized streaming. Crackle also offers portability with its support for platforms such as iOS and Android.

8. SideReel

tv stream sidereel

While not an actual streaming platform, SideReel is a site which tracks and accumulates links to TV and movie streams as well as provides content ratings. Here users will be able to find information concerning updates and services such as Amazon and Netflix.

9. hotstar

tv stream hotstar

Currently geared towards viewers from India, hotstar consists of sporting events, movies, and TV shows. It even offers downloading of certain titles. Web geeks will enjoy the diversity of languages used and the impressive content variety.

10. MovieWatcher

tv stream movie watcher

Another great place to stream TV, MovieWatcher is organized in easy-to-navigate thumbnails. It possesses an impressive loading speed, likely made possible by the fact that all content is hosted elsewhere, with MovieWatcher simply acting as a medium for streaming. TV enthusiasts will enjoy an expansive variety of numerous genres, no registration required.

If you require a bit more quality and are prepared to pay for it, check out services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. Each offers a free trial followed by a monthly subscription. If you notice that we’ve overlooked a particularly worthy site, please let us know in the comments below.

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