Watch Amazon Prime Instant Video Like a Guru


While evaluating other TV services, we looked at all the pay-per-view services that had a monthly membership. Amazon Prime Instant Video is the only streaming service that charges annually. While the service was originally created just as an afterthought bonus for Amazon Prime, the ability to watch TV shows whenever you want ended up being well worth the yearly price.

Amazon Prime’s TV service has plenty of new and classic TV titles. Huge viewing library, useful features, and customer support make this service a winner.

The selection is huge

Amazon Prime Instant Video gets major points for having such a vast library. The service had the chance to see what its competitors were doing and tried to improve on their streaming models. For example, when watching TV shows, your free access will extend only to a certain point. The option to see currently airing series costs $1.99 per episode.

Amazon also started to become more exclusive than its competitors. This streaming service is the only one that offers multiple seasons of Tosh.0, Downtown Abbey, and Justified among many others. It has also managed to become kid-friendly with Nickelodeon. If you happen to have little ones that watch Blue’s Clues or Dora the Explorer, then subscribing to Amazon Prime is a no-brainer.

There are a few notable networks that are missing from Amazon’s stream list, but you can purchase the episodes from the paid cable channels, which normally isn’t an option for monthly subscription services. While the focus is on the TV side, there is also a huge selection of pay-per-rental and free movies.


Defining features

The HD shows are also available, with the price around $2.99 per episode. You can see how watching shows in HD is more expensive than downloading or streaming the standard definition. This is understandable, seeing how HD needs more bandwidth and is bigger than the standard definition.

Prime has managed to become multi-platform and can download movies to your SmartTV, Roku boxes, personal computers, and even gaming consoles. Little features like changing subtitle fonts will really customize the experience as well.

Current users are hoping that future updates will also let them personalize their profiles more. Right now the layouts are quite basic and won’t let you switch your profiles.

How it feels

If you are a binge watcher, then you will love Amazon Prime Instant Video. It has a lot of free stream content that will let you keep up with those shows everyone talks about. For the most part, you shouldn’t have an issue finding what you are looking for.

Unfortunately, Amazon only offers Prime Instant Video in the US. Foreign customers will have to wait until it goes international.

amazon tv screenshot

Customer support

Even though Instant Video is pretty straightforward, there will be times when you need help with a technical issue. It’s rare, but it happens.

Amazon really stepped up the game when it comes to customer support. It has multiple ways to get help: the phone number is easy to find, and the call times are short. The company also has plenty of online resources that will let you resolve any issues by using live chat and user forums.


Amazon is a huge brand that has a reputation of great customer satisfaction. Although some Prime members only pay the yearly fee to cut the shipping costs, they are missing out on the free TV shows. Original and exclusive content will make Amazon Prime Instant Video the best TV site there is.

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